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The Value of Friendship

If you watched the latest video of our daughters, Trudy and Abby, hitching up the horses and taking their friends for a sleigh ride, you would have seen some friends having a great time together. Our daughters are fortunate to have a close knit group of friends that really enjoy being together.

In the previous video this week, Jim spoke of a friend who came to the woods with him and would build fires and help limb trees. That good friend was his neighbor, Ken. Jim and Ken had a very special relationship. Ken passed away last year and was in his late 80's.

Ken could always find something to help Jim with, and could be found at our farm on many days of the week. He helped Jim in the sawmill to edge lumber, he helped him in the woods limbing trees, and also in the hayfield. He was a handyman and jack of all trades and the two would always have something to talk about. Many times Ken would come in for a cup of coffee or lunch.

Ken was a loyal friend and neighbor. As Ken began to slow down in his later years, Jim and Ken would still spend time together. Sometimes Ken would come and sit and just watch Jim saw lumber. If Jim had to go somewhere or truck a load of logs to the mill, he would ask Ken if he wanted to ride along. Our horse Ken is named after this wonderful man.

The interesting thing is that Ken's granddaughter Kelsey is one of our girls' good friends (they even took a trip across the pond together). The friendship is carrying on through the generations. Our families are intertwined in this community. It's wonderful to rub shoulders with people that we can trust and call on in time of need, and we hope they feel the same about us. People you just enjoy spending your life with. Friendship is something that can't be bought, but is a thing of true and lasting value. Some things are just better than money.

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