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Life is Full of Ups and Downs

Updated: Apr 22

Sometimes you don't appreciate things until they are gone. That's how I felt about my clothesline this spring after the post that held it up toppled over. Hanging clothes on the line is one of my favorite chores. It gets me out of the house and into the beautiful sunshine. I have a garden in the back, so my eyes can catch glimpses of it as I get the task done. When I look out my kitchen window, the clothesline was always in view and serves as a perch for the returning Phoebe bird, giving me entertainment as I do the dishes. I spied him trying to find a new place to rest, and I missed seeing him in his regular spot.

So I began to ask Jim if he could possibly help me get the line back up. He had just told me how he didn't know how he was going to accomplish everything that he had on his plate to do. But he took time from his busy schedule to help me get one up, (without complaining, I might add). We have a tree in the corner of our yard and Jim decided this tree would be a good place to hang the line from. My job was to be the runner...first to the hardware store for parts, then for tools and ladders. Quite a few trips, because sometimes I brought the wrong tools. It turned out to be good exercise :).

Jim climbed to the top of the ladder, then off the ladder to get to a better branch. I held my breath, and voiced a warning an unheeded warning. Jim was able to secure the line on the branch he desired, and things were looking good. I had a nice pulley clothesline!

But then it came time to test out the line, so I loaded it up. I had washed our bedding, including the bedspread and it was quite a heavy load. Next thing we knew, everything was on the ground! The knot did not hold with all that weight. I'm pleased to report that time and many previous similar experiences of failed attempts at many things helped us both to maintain our cool. We were using an old line that needed a knot snugged up. Once that was done, we were back in business.

How wonderful to bring in wind and sun dried clothes that carry with them the scent of the earth they hung in! I'm not sure why I decided to photo document this event, but it was such a beautiful day, and I wanted to share a snapshot of our quiet life in the country. It's the little things in life that can bring lots of joy. I appreciate my husband who was willing to share some of his precious time to do this for me.

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