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An Afternoon Walk

I could see Jim and the horses out in the field when I got home from work, off in the distance. It was such a bright and sunny day that the outdoors was calling me. I decided to meander out through the field to see how they were all doing.

They had been busy and were getting quite a lot done. I heard the plow hit a stone but with this White Horse Plow, the plow trips and jumps over the stone and keeps on going.

I looked to the end of the field and the woods beckoned to me. I decided to take a loop through the woods down to by the cabin. The black flies have not made their first appearance yet, which made the walk even more heavenly. The woods are just coming alive, with green popping up here and there. I thought I'd take you along on my walk and share some of my joy.

We have a stream beyond the cabin that usually dries up in the summer, but is a magical place in the spring. All of a sudden, I was a kid again, forgetting time and jumping from rock to rock. The sound of the water running merrily along was very soothing.

The Marsh Buttercups were just opening and I was delighted with their simple beauty. Some of them were growing right in the water, and they looked lovely next to the mossy rocks that dotted the stream. So simple, yet so beautiful.

The trees are magical right now. Since the leaves are not quite open, they look like a watercolor picture to me, especially against the bright blue sky.

I took many more pictures than I can share here. Mostly close-ups of flowers, since I have always had a great affection for them. A colony of Spring Beauties grabbed my attention, nestled against this stump. The old and the new.

As I headed back home, across the field, it occured to me that I was walking across history in the making. First I walked across the newly turned furrows, glistening in the sunshine.

Then I came across the grass and clover seeds Jim planted last week that are popping up through the earth.

And lastly, I came upon the clover Jim planted last year that is now very well established and growing well, thanks to the nice rain and sunshine God provided us with lately.

I hope you have time to enjoy the simple things in life today, that the pace of your life is slow enough to stop and enjoy the little details of this beautiful world we live in. And I hope your soul will be refreshed, as mine was by doing so.

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