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Gordon Family Farm & Sawmill

Jim and Brenda Gordon moved to Moira, New York and established the business in 1991 This is a diversified operation that changes with the seasons and needs of the community.  Presently, Jim saws and has on hand, large live edge slabs and hardwood lumber for sale. He sells logs that he gets out with the horses to other local sawmills for dimensional lumber.  Jim and the horses harvest lumber from our property and buy standing timber from local land owners.  Gordon family farm has a small beef herd.  The cattle are raised organically but we are not certified organic.  Hay is harvested in the summer using the horses.  What is not fed to our cows and horses can be purchased, mostly in square bale form.  In the winter, when weather permits, Gordon Family Farm offers sleigh rides, often taking people to our heated cabin situated by our ice skating pond for some old-fashioned family fun.


Sleigh Rides to the Cabin!

Gordon Family Farm & Sawmill: Welcome
sleigh rides

When conditions are right, we offer group sleigh rides.  Our package includes a ride through the fields and into the woods. We will then drop the group off at the cozy cabin heated by wood stove on the edge of the woods.  The cabin sits in front of a small skating pond, where you can spend a couple hours enjoying the cabin and the pond (if the conditions are right for skating). Then we will pick your group up with the horses and bring you back. 


 We also offer sleigh rides without the cabin experience.  The sleigh holds 12-15 adults, more people if there are a lot of children.  If you prefer to just go on a sleigh ride without the cabin experience, that can be arranged as well.

     We do have an antique two-seater sleigh for the couple to experience, but the conditions need to be perfect for this sleigh to be used.

Call 518-529-7246 to schedule a ride!

For Sale

Call 518-529-7246 for more Info



We now have sheds for sale! The dimensions of the shed in the picture is 8'x12'. The price is $1550 plus delivery. There are a variety of different colors for the tin roof. We can also make a variety of different shapes and sizes! Give us a call or email at for more info! 

slabs of wood.jpg

Table Top Slabs

We have a supply of 2 ½ inch thick table top live-edge slabs, mostly pine -  Great for the rustic look!



We have a small supply of hardwood lumber: species may vary but we typically have soft and hard  maple, basswood, cherry, ash which we store in our barn.



Our hay is made by horses, for horses.  Jim strives to make hay that is best suited for horses, and much of the harvesting is done by the horses.  Our hay is put up in square bales, and occasionally round bales.  Prices vary according to quality and type.  Availability depends on our crop for the year.  Let us know if you are interested.

For Sale
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