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The Time We Spend

This week I had a nice visit from my mother. She lives 3 and half hours away and in another state. She has always been a very strong and healthy person and takes very good care of herself. Last year, after complications from surgery, we almost lost her at least three times. Those phone calls and texts and hurried dashes to the hospital are something I will not forget. Thankfully she survived! Comeback after all that was very hard for her and took all her determination. So her visit this week was a breath of fresh air to me. She is healthy and strong and moving forward. I'm very proud of her. It did my heart good to go for a walk in the woods and to see her so able bodied once again. We both share the love of gardening and plants. She helped me wake up my flower gardens from their long winter nap by weeding and getting them ready to mulch. We talked about plants, people we love, and we remembered times passed.

I guess what I want to say from all these ramblings is that sometimes things that are important just take time, and it is well spent. Time we spend with each other and time we spend on things that are important to us. Jim spent hours this week preparing the seed bed before planting grass seed. Sure, he could have done it faster with a tractor. But that's not how he chooses to spend his time.

I'm also seeing it with Jim and his time with the colts. It just takes time. Time and consistency. I was working outside when Jim walked by with Duke, as I've seen him do many times. They appeared to be walking together more than Jim leading Duke. It just warmed my heart. Not to say that it is always like that, but it is getting to be more the norm because of all the time they have spent together. Duke is learning to trust Jim and to know what he expects. It's really fun for me to watch the progress.

I hope wherever you are today, you will choose to take time for what matters most to you, and that you will find great value in how you choose to spend your time. The value of time spent on some endeavors is sometimes not known until we look back on them. We all only have a limited amount of time here on planet earth. I hope you able to spend the time you have doing what you love with the ones you love.

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yaya linda
yaya linda
Feb 05, 2022

Nice reading about your life. I'm from


Magnus Miranda
Magnus Miranda
Dec 01, 2021

Bom dia,

Moro no Brasil, estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo excelente e importante material publicado. Deixo meu respeito e admiração! Um grande abraço e que Deus abençoe o belo trabalho de sua família!

Magnus Miranda.


What a wonderful outlook on life you have Brenda, it really helps when we are going through the ups and downs of life to take a step back, take a few deep breaths and relax a little. Before getting back into our stride again. We love the way you write, keep safe and well Carol and Sue North Norfolk coast UK

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