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Enjoy the Simple Things

The New Year is underway! I finally took down our Doug Fir Christmas tree today, five weeks after Jim cut it down.

That tree had hardly lost a needle, I was so impressed! The skinny little treetop stood so tall and proud that I didn't want to take it down! Usually the day after Christmas I'm ready to put all things Christmas related away. This tree was no fuss or bother, and it charmed me into keeping it up for one extra week. When I "undressed" it and set it on the porch, it held it's earthy charm. I decided to keep it there and let it continue to enchant us from that vantage point. A bird feeder that the one of the grandkids made hangs close by and draws the birds in (notice our little Chickadee friend). The birds and the tree give me a little hint of forest when I glance out the window. Sometimes the best things in life are free! Little glimpses can thrill the heart. A quote from JRR Tolkien graces our kitchen right now that says, "It's not a bad thing to celebrate a simple life."

Several weeks ago Jim sawed the rest of that tree into inch boards and they are air drying in the barn right now. It's hard to say what they will become. I think the wood has a lovely color and pattern to it. The tree will carry on with it's fresh beginning as inch boards into... who knows what?? Maybe something useful or beautiful, or both. It's exciting to think of the possibilities.

Hopefully as we all venture into the new year, we will all be excited to think of the possibilities that we can create. Here's hoping you come across many "simple" things in your daily life that give a joy and thrill your heart in 2021. Keep looking for them, they could be anywhere!

Check out our whole Christmas tree hunting adventure-

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Love your writings Brenda, thank you.

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