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The World of Working Horses With Jim

Doing Things a Different Way Since 1961

Meet Jim!

Jim has been working with horses for most of his life. His father, who grew up in logging camps, was his best mentor. In 1979 Jim began logging with horses and has continued on to present day. He was born and raised in Vermont, then he and his wife Brenda moved to northern New York in 1991 after buying a farm. There they raised a family of 3 children, operated a dairy farm for about ten years, and set up a small sawmill business. Now the children are grown and on their own, and the dairy cows have been replaced with a small herd of beef cows. Along with logging, Jim uses the horses to do most of the farm work. He enjoys taking the horses to a few pulling competitions each year. Jim's passion is working with horses to encourage them to give their best effort, whatever the job might be. He hopes to share some of the insight he has picked up over the years with anyone who might share the same desire to work with horses and enjoy the simple, quiet life they afford.


Let’s Chat

If you’re a fan of my videos, I would love to hear from you! Get in touch with me today with any questions, comments or business opportunities.

P.O. Box 299 Moira NY 12957

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