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Getting Back On Track After the Holidays

Do any of you get out of routine during the holidays? I sure do! And once those routines are upset it sure is hard to get back into them. One of those routines for me is some form of morning exercise. Today the color of the pink sky peeking through the window was enough to entice me out for a walk.

We are fortunate to have a field behind our house to walk in. I can just throw on my coat, a hat and my warm mittens and off I go! The hardest part is just getting myself out the door . We got some snow recently, everything looked so fresh and clean. The snow was crunchy under my feet, reminding me that it was a very chilly morning. I didn't yet see the sun over the horizon, but the beautiful pink sky told me it was on it's way. The light made common place things look beautiful.

I headed out around the field and followed a newly formed path. It had been made by the Percherons, Ken and Buck.

They had pulled the sled in preparation for upcoming sleigh rides. They needed exercise, since Jim has been mostly using the Belgians in the woods logging. Deer tracks were criss-crossing everywhere in the field. It's not uncommon for us to see deer when we look out the window. Today it appeared as though there had been a hundred of them tromping over the field all night long! (Those are all deer tracks in the picture below).

This morning, I was grateful for fresh air (even if it was very frigid), a place to walk in solitude, and the joy of purposeful movement. Never underestimate the power of a simple walk. I hope you can get one in today, wherever you are, it does the body good!

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A walk is always as good for mind as the body and most times better. Thank you for posting.

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